Travel to Bath from Manchester Airport

Bath is a popular tourist city that thanks to its history, awe-inspiring architecture and of course the baths of Bath attracts millions of tourists from the UK, Europe and further afield every year! Bath is located in Somerset in the South Western area of England and can be reached easily thanks to motorways, train lines and as its only 13 miles from the major South West city; Bristol it can also be reached by plane!

Travel to Bath from Manchester Airport

How to get from Manchester to Bath

If you are travelling to Bath from Manchester you may have weighed up all of the travel options available to you which are typically travelling by car which is a lengthy, expensive and tiring journey or travelling via train which means a chain of train connections from your home to Manchester. This can take around 5 hours during the peak times and a one way ticket is £75, find out more at

Alternatively you could travel to Bath from Manchester airport by taking a plane! There are two main options when taking a flight to Bath, the most popular usually due to its close proximity to the city is Bristol. As a popular airport, Manchester has everything you could possibly need when setting off on your holiday or business trip from the basics such as Manchester Airport Parking to the more fun aspects of travelling such as shopping and bars!

A flight from Manchester to Bristol will require one change and this is typically Belfast and in total the journey will take a few hours. Once you arrive at Bristol airport you will be required to take the airport express link bus service which runs up to 6 times an hour to Bristol Meads Train Station this is great value for money and unless you are travelling in a large group it can be much cheaper than taking a taxi! From the Bristol train station you can take one of the many connecting trains to Bath Spa train station!

Another potentially more budget friendly from to Bath from Manchester Airport is a flight to London, this will take just a few minutes over one hour and then take a train connection from a London train station direct to Bath Spa Train Station which takes 90 minutes. This relatively straightforward journey will get you from Manchester Airport to Bath Spa within a few hours and is much cheaper than a train direct from Manchester.

Travel to Bath from Manchester Airport using special offers for airport parking

Bath is a luxury destination which many tourists love, although access to many of the museums can be free some events require an entrance fee and food and accommodation can be quite expensive if you are looking for a luxury break. The spas of the city are unique to Bath and can therefore charge more than you would probably expect, all of this will quickly add up so you should try your hardest to get various parts of your holiday cheaper. Airmiles, rail cards, cashback schemes, special offers, advance booking and the latest Manchester Airport parking promo codes will all take some of the cost away and ultimately make your break more affordable.