Travel to Bath from Edinburgh Airport

When travelling from long distances such as Edinburgh, Scotland it can be difficult to plan a route to Bath that is time efficient and budget friendly!

Travel to Bath from Edinburgh Airport

Many people consider driving or traveling by rail although this can be a long (approximately 6-7 hours) and expensive car journey, especially with current fuel prices. A train journey from Edinburgh to Bath takes around 7 hours and has 1-3 connections depending on the route it can also prove quite expensive with single tickets starting from around £150.

You can travel to Bath from Edinburgh by taking a flight from Edinburgh Airport to the closest airport to Bath which is Bristol Airport. The airport is 18 miles away from Bristol and from Bristol you then need to make the short journey to Bath.

Flights from Edinburgh Airport to Bath

The flight from Edinburgh to Bristol Airport is direct and runs from 1 to 4 times every day from 8am to 9pm. The flight only lasts a short 1 hour and 15 minutes so ideal for those who want to get to Bath as quickly as possible without wasting time in cars or on trains! Another positive aspect of flying to Bristol from Edinburgh is the fact that easyJet, a budget airline run the flight and give you the opportunity of getting flights for around £20 each way when you book in advance. At around £40 for a return journey, even when you include Official Edinburgh Airport Parking and the connection from Bath to Bristol you will still be saving a significant amount of money compared to the £300 return train ticket!

Getting to Bath from Bristol is relatively straight forward as this is a popular route than many Bath visitors and even residents who commute to Bristol for work are required to take.  There are regular trains from Bristol to Bath and vice versa. At the airport there is an Airport Flyer Express Link bus which takes you from the airport to Bristol Temple Meads train station and the services run every 10 minutes during the peak season, with general availability throughout the rest of the year. This costs approximately £6 per person. Once you arrive at Bristol Temple Meads train station you can then catch a train to Bath Spa train stations! The services go to and from Bath Spa up to 5 times an hour so there will be no waiting around for long for the next train!

Things to do in Bath when you travel from Edinburgh

When you arrive in Bath you have lots of things to do to fill up your holiday! You can take an open top tour bus and explore the city with a tour guide then when you have finished and had a quick look of all of the sights you can then choose which museums, galleries and attractions you would like to discover further. As I am sure you are aware Bath is famous for its spa and you can’t visit Bath and not visit the Roman thermal spa, the only natural one that can be found in Britain!