Bath, being located just 13 miles away from Bristol and connected by rail and road (the A4) means it is incredibly accessible for those that either want to make a quick day trip to find out what Bath has to offer or for the many commuters from Bath that travel to Bristol, the business hub of the south west of England every day!

Travel to Bath from Bristol

Many tourists who are coming from cities outside of Bristol such as Edinburgh, Manchester and even Ireland and choose to travel by plane to get to Bath need to go to Bristol Airport which therefore results in many tourists who are unfamiliar with the local area wondering how they can make the final leg of their journey as quickly as possible.

Get a train from Bath to Bristol

One of the easiest ways to travel to Bath from Bristol is via train from Bristol city centre. Bristol Temple Meads Station runs regular trains to Bath, approximately every 10 minutes during the peak travelling times. These train connections only take 11 to 15 minutes which means travel is effortless and such a quick connection means you can easily reach Bath from Bristol. Currently the cost of the Bristol to Bath train is just £6 with further discounts for those that hold railcards.

Car users will find the Bristol parking important!

Great Bristol parking deals are available especially at the airport for those who are driving part of the journey then travelling into Bath by public transport which can help you avoid the busy and potentially congested roads. Places such as Bristol Airport Parking; Cheapest Prices are GUARANTEED for Bristol Airport Car Parking in Silver Zone are available when you book online and perfect if you are using the airport to take part of your journey.

Once you arrive at Bristol Airport if you would like to avoid public transport then you could hire a car and then take the short drive to Bath and use the car during your stay, website like Official Bristol Airport Parking Shop: Cheapest Prices for Short & Long stay, Silver Zone Parking at Bristol Airport are great and if you choose to do this you will need to find a hotel that offers parking, ideally onsite and free or discounted for those that are staying in the hotel.

Although trains are the easier option if you want to go direct to the city centre of Bath a frequent bus service is available from Bristol to various destinations around Bath and this is perfect if you want to go to a specific destination on the route.

If you are a tourist travelling from the Bristol area to Bath in your car then you should consider avoiding the congested Bath streets and use the park and ride schemes that are available on the outskirts of the city. Park your car in the car park which is usually free then take a discounted bus fare from the park to the city centre. You may not want to leave your car in the park and ride for an extended period of time but it is certainly a worthwhile option for those who are just spending the day in Bath and don’t want to have to struggle finding parking inside the city centre as this is often difficult and expensive.